Patricia Farrell of Long Beach, chief nursing officer at Southside Hospital in Bay Shore, may have had her house flooded during superstorm Sandy but that couldn't wash away her spirit. Her story was one of many that were spotlighted on "12-12-12: The Concert for Sandy Relief" last night.

Actor Jake Gyllenhaal took to the screen minutes before midnight to tell the world about Farrell's acts of heroism.

"Patricia and a lot of other EMT personnel were in a painful situation of being both a victim and a responder," Gyllenhaal said. "Despite her home being in jeopardy, Patricia remained at work caring for 32 critical care patients. Once they were evacuated safely, she still did not go home. She and her friend and training partner Robin worked with the National Guard operating out of a trolley taking supplies from Southside Hospital to help set up a triage area."

When Farrell returned home, her house was completely flooded.

"Since then Patricia has been crashing on couches, living out of the back of her car and continuing her work," Gyllenhaal told the crowd standing next to Farrell, who had the honor of bringing on fellow Long Islander, Billy Joel.

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