Lady Gaga performs during her Monster of Ball tour at...

Lady Gaga performs during her Monster of Ball tour at the O2 Arena in Hamburg, Germany on May 10, 2010. Credit: Getty Images

We get letters  And here’s our favorite one in a long time. Kelly from Bayport, a self-proclaimed “Little Monster,” had some strong opinions about yesterday’s story offering advice to Lady Gaga. Here's her letter with a few (*) clarifications at the bottom.


My name's Kelly and I'm 15. I would appreciate if you took the time to read this. I know Lady Gaga has perhaps the most devoted fans in the world, me being one of them, and you may or may not have received some e-mails in response to your article about her already, but I would like to just point out a few things that were wrong about your article that you would have known if you did any research about Gaga. Although I am a huge fan of hers, I don't want to come off like a obsessed fan doing anything to defend her idol, I just want to show you how you were wrong on some accounts in your writing. Those discussed in your article that were inaccurate or badly stated could've easily made Lady Gaga look bad or even a train wreck waiting to happen to those who are not as familiar with as fans such as me.

1. You first write about her working too hard. Yes, it was true that Gaga went months-on-end touring, but she acknowledged it in a few interviews, including her “Extra” interview that aired after her performance on “American Idol.” Also, Lady Gaga did in fact just take a month-long break.* She took of all of June without shows in order to rest herself in New York City between her Europe and North American tours. This was, obviously, when the controversial but over-exploited issue at Yankee Stadium occurred.

2. In #2 you wrote about her paying too much tribute to Madonna.  I do understand how you can see this and acknowledge it too, but it is also important to recognize some things, like how she does pay tribute to her many other influences very often, such as Michael Jackson and Andy Warhol. Also, the music video for “Alejandro” was scrutinized for being too much like Madonna, but it wasn't all Lady Gaga's input. The director for the video, Steven Klein, had worked with Madonna previously and brought many similar aspects from when he worked with her into Gaga's video. With this said, I do see how you are correct.

3. First off, “Alejandro” was her last single off “The Fame Monster”** so adding in the remark about the next music video was not necessary. That information could be seen anywhere, including Wikipedia and her official website. Lady Gaga is not trying to top any of her videos. She uses the opportunity to make her commentary on a matter, such as seen heavily the input  throughout the “Telephone” video, and to make a piece of art in her eyes. It's not a competition of the best video for her. They are all separate works for her that express different views, and nothing more.

4. Lady Gaga not only said how her album was done, but she told it's approximate release date (Early January, more specifically the 1st). I don't know where the remark of a "more bitter" sound of the next album came from, but she is extremely proud of it and it will undoubtedly provide amazing music. The new song “You and I,” although it may not be “bitter,’ is a great song in my opinion. It's not an edgy sound but shows her musically diverse talent to be able to write a catchy rock ballad, her being a pop artist, all of which you failed to include.

5. If you watched a single interview of Gaga, you would have seen how often the question about paparazzi comes up. Gaga is responding to questions by saying how she hates how the media has made artists and celebrities private lives public. She wants to restore the image of pop culture and the illusion of fame, often paying tribute to people like Michael Jackson to how he still held his glove high above for everyone to see even though he was being rushed into the hospital. She gives the paparazzi the middle finger often because of how much she dislikes them for the above reason. Also, the hit single "Paparazzi" was not at all inspired by her own encounters with the paparazzi. The day she got the inspiration for the song she had noticed how many celebrity females who had gone to jail looked as if they were posing in her mugshots, which gave her the notion that some celebrities play the media and paparazzi to continue to be in the spotlight.

I'm sorry for this long e-mail, but I thought it should be shown how Lady Gaga really isn't doing half of what you say she is. I didn't to seem like this whole message was out of biased opinion since much could be proved with facts, but if it came off that way, i apologize. Thanks for taking to read my comments about my mother monster.


*Actually about two weeks between her final European show and her appearance at the Elton John’s “White Tie and Tiara Ball” -- in between there was a concert at her sister’s graduation at Sacred Heart High School.

**There’s still a question over whether “Dance in the Dark” will be the next single or not. It does have artwork and was set to be a single before “Alejandro” before Gaga intervened.

*** We think Kelly's awesome.

For more on Lady Gaga's first show at Madison Square Garden tonight, check tomorrow's Newsday and back here tomorrow for a review and the setlist.  If Gaga busts out anything out-of-the-ordinary for her hometown crowd, we'll be Tweeting at @ndmusic.

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