Adele made her shows memorable at Staples Center in Los...

Adele made her shows memorable at Staples Center in Los Angeles in August. Here she is on Aug. 5. Credit: Getty Images / Kevin Winter

Adele’s first American tour in five years finally arrives in New York Sept. 19, following a lengthy European run and months crisscrossing America.

In most cases, that would mean that most people know what to expect at the six shows at Madison Square Garden that start Sept. 19. However, Adele is nothing if not unpredictable.

Her “25” (XL/Columbia) album shattered records in an era when sales continue to slide, selling more than 3 million copies in one week. And her tour seems to create one memory after another at each stop.

Here’s a look at the 11 moments that stand out most from the “Adele Live 2016” tour so far:

ADELE TWERKS (March 19, O2 Arena, London)

Bending down in her evening gown to take a selfie with an audience member, Adele starts laughing, saying, “I think I just twerked.”

“But I can’t do it that well, my whole body has to move. Watch!” she says before trying it again as she giggles. “My bum could break my back it’s so enormous.”

BEYONCÉ IS “JESUS [EXPLETIVE] CHRIST” (May 3, The Forum, Copenhagen)

Responding to the release of Beyoncé’s “Lemonade,” Adele goes into full fangirl mode as she has several times before for Queen Bey. “How is it even possible that she only ever gets better? How is that possible? She is Jesus [expletive] Christ. Beyoncé is the sickest artist around in the whole entire world. It’s unbelievable. I’ve been listening to her for 17 years and she’s still making music that blows my mind.” Then, realizing it sounds like a setup for a surprise, Adele quickly tells the crowd, “She’s not here.”

ULTIMATE WEDDING GIFT (May 3, The Forum, Copenhagen)

Not only did Adele invite Swedish fan André Söderberg onstage to propose to his boyfriend, Simon Carlsson, at her Copenhagen show, she offered other support. “Should I be your surrogate if you have children?” she asked the happy couple. “I’d love to have a baby with someone Swedish.”

FILMING VS. ‘REAL LIFE’ (May 29, Arena di Verona, Verona, Italy)

Adele spots a fan with a tripod and video camera in the crowd and asks her to put it away. “Can you stop filming me with a video camera?” she says. “Because I’m really here in real life. You can enjoy it in real life.

“This isn’t a DVD,” she continues. “This is a real show, and I’d really like you to enjoy my show. There’s lots of people outside who couldn’t come in.”

GIRL POWER! (June 1, Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam)

After telling the crowd that she feels like a Spice Girl, they start chanting “Spice! Girls!”

“Oh, stop it, I’m not a Spice Girl,” she tells the fans before busting out a bit of “Spice Up Your Life” a cappella.


“I’d like to start tonight by dedicating this entire show to everybody in Orlando at Pulse nightclub,” Adele says, starting to cry. “The LGBTQ community, they’re like my soul mates since I was really young so I’m really moved by it.”

Trying to hold back the tears, before introducing “Rumour Has It,” she jokes, “I don’t know why I’m crying already, because most of tonight is pretty miserable, because my songs are [expletive] miserable.”

‘GLASTONBURY DREAMING’ (June 26, Glastonbury)

For her Glastonbury festival debut, Adele changed the lyrics to “Hello” to “I’ve been Glastonbury dreaming.”

“Glastonbury means the world to me, I’m not even lying,” she said. “I’ve always wanted to do this my whole life but I’ve been too scared.” With the show going well, she tells the crowd, “I have never been so moved by anything in my life… This is, by far, the best moment of my life so far.”

SWEARING LESS (Aug. 5, Staples Center, Los Angeles)

“I’m trying to powder my tongue a little bit and not swear so much, and I see lots of mothers here, so forgive me if I do,” Adele tells the crowd. “Just know if I do, I never mean it meanly, all right? If that’s boos or cheers, I don’t know. Give me some moral support, guys, not to swear! I’m British!”

But the resolution doesn’t stick for long. “Are there any teachers here tonight? Well, [expletive] hell, I love teachers — they’re so important in our lives. Thank you, teachers . . . Oh my God, I’m sorry . . .”

JAMIE GRACE (Aug. 9, Staples Center, Los Angeles)

Adele invited the singer onstage, not knowing she was a Grammy-nominated contemporary Christian singer, and then graciously supported her as she sang bits of “Remedy” and “Can’t Help Falling in Love” to the delight of the crowd.

TURNING DOWN THE SUPER BOWL HALFTIME SHOW (Aug. 13, Staples Center, Los Angeles)

“First of all, I’d like to say that I’m not doing the Super Bowl,” Adele said as she cleared up various rumors. “I mean, come on, that show is not about music. And I don’t really put on . . . I don’t dance or anything like that. They were very kind, they did ask me, but I did say no.”

(NFL officials say there were discussions with Adele, but no firm offer was made.)

“I’m sorry, but maybe next time,” Adele joked. “I’ll put out a dance album next time. Maybe I’ll do it then.”

INSTAGRAMMING IN SICK (Aug. 16, Talking Stick Resort Arena, Phoenix)

Adele had to postpone her second Phoenix show due to illness and took to Instagram to make the announcement, sounding and looking ill, with no makeup on.

“I’ve had a cold for a couple days, and I’ve been pushing through it and I did my show last night and I loved it, but I pushed too hard,” she said. “My cold has gotten the better of me. . . . I’m so sorry to let you down, I know lots of people would be flying in, from all over, it’s the last thing I want to do but I have to look after myself because I’ve got so many more shows to do. I will reschedule this show I promise you and I will come back and I will smash it for you.”

WHO Adele

WHEN | WHERE 8 p.m. Sept. 19, Sept. 20, Sept. 22, Sept. 23 and Sept. 25-26, Madison Square Garden, Manhattan

INFO $39.95-$149.50; 800-745-3000,

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