Forget all this “artist” and “contestant” nonsense that mentor Jamie Foxx was pushing last night.
    Only Crystal Bowersox showed any real artistry during “Movie Songs” Week, as she reworked Kenny Loggins’ “I’m Alright” into her own brand of defiant blues, making it her own from start to finish by changing nearly everything except the lyrics.
    When she teamed up with Lee Dewyze on “Falling Slowly” from “Once,” she helped keep Lee Dewyze’s rock yowl on course, adding delicate touches to maintain the song’s desperate feel.
    Dewyze was every bit the contestant as he tackled Seal’s “Kiss from a Rose.” He knew it was a dynamic song that fit his range and could make it sound good, though he couldn’t even quite pull that off. He didn’t choose it because he could relate to it or could bring anything new to it. He chose it because he thought it could help him win the contest – which may be savvy, but it’s far from artistic.
    Michael Lynche was only slightly better with Michael Jackson’s “Will You Be There,” maybe because he understood the song and the flourishes it needed to work for the contest. There wasn’t much artistry, though, as he over-emoted and over-sang as he usually does.
    And then there’s Casey James. His slowed-down “Mrs. Robinson” was different for the sake of being different, not because he connected with the new version. Was it a blatant attempt to remind his female fanbase that he was still a hunk, even in his teal leather jacket? Was it a secret message to Kara Dioguardi? Please. An artist would never get involved in such off-topic speculation. A contestant would, though.


Crystal Bowersox, “I’m Alright”
Crystal Bowersox and Lee Dewyze, “Falling Slowly”
Casey James and Michael Lynche, “Have You Ever Loved a Woman”
Michael Lynche, “Will You Be There”
Lee Dewyze, “Kiss from a Rose”
Casey James, “Mrs. Robinson”

BOTTOM TWO: Michael and Casey

PHOTO: The Top 4 with Jamie Foxx by Fox.

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