From Billy Joel's performance of "New York State of Mind" 10 days after 9/11 to the release of "The Stranger," here are some notable anniversaries he's marking this month.

Sept. 1-3

Credit: Kevin Mazur

Sept. 1-3 (1980): Billy plays Nassau Coliseum.

Sept. 5

Sept. 5 (1973): Billy marries Elizabeth Weber Small, his first wife. They later divorced in 1982.

Sept. 15

Credit: MRG Ventures Inc.

Sept. 15 (1965): Billy's early band, the Lost Souls, play in a bands competition at the NYS pavilion at the World's Fair.

Sept. 11

Credit: AP / Bryan R. Smith

Sept. 21 (2001): Billy Joel performs "New York State of Mind" on the "America: A Tribute To Heroes" post-9/11 special that aired on 31 networks simultaneously. Here, Joel leads riders in the 9/11 Memorial Motorcycle Ride in New York on Friday, Sept. 11, 2015.

Sept. 24

Sept 24 (1983): Billy's "Tell Her About It" Hits No.1.

Sept. 25

Credit: Newsday / John Keating

Sept. 25 (1989): Billy files a lawsuit against former manager Frank Weber for $90 million.

Sept. 29

Credit: Sony Music Entertainment / Art Maillet

Sept. 29 (1977): "The Stranger" is released.

Sept. 29

Sept. 29 (1983): "Uptown Girl" is released.

Sept. (2000)

Credit: Kevin Mazur

(2000): Tabloid reports say that Billy's six-month romance with Trish Bergin ends.

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