You have to believe Tame Impala mastermind Kevin Parker when he declares "Yes, I'm Changing" early on in the band's new album "Currents" (Interscope).

By that point, the evidence of that change is already overwhelming. Though Tame Impala made its ever-growing reputation on layer upon layer of woozy guitar rock on its first two albums, everything on "Currents" is much crisper and, well, danceable. "Yes, I'm Changing" sounds like a musical landscape born before the 29-year-old from Australia. The swooping synths and minimalist bass line would have been at home with the Thompson Twins on the soundtrack to "Sixteen Candles," but, in this context, Parker makes it sound re-imagined and current.

On "The Less I Know the Better," Parker takes Michael Jackson grooves and filters them through rock attitude and indie sensibilities, which doesn't necessarily make them sound better, but it certainly makes them sound different. Parker's limited falsetto pitches things more toward Broken Bells than "Thriller."

It's a nifty trick, rebuilding an already established style into a different structure, but, at times, it seems like Parker lost some of the spark of his earlier work.




BOTTOM LINE Turning Michael Jackson and disco influences into avant-garde rock for the masses.

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