Daughtry's Baptized. (2013)

Daughtry's Baptized. (2013) Credit: Handout

Daughtry takes some cool chances on his fourth album, "Baptized" (RCA). The first single, "Waiting for Superman," which teams Chris Daughtry with the great Sam Hollander and Martin Johnson from Boys Like Girls, is a sleek change of pace, rolling together bits of The Fray and Bon Jovi into the patented Daughtry sound. On "Long Live Rock & Roll," he cleverly reminisces about Billy Joel and grunge in a country-style rave-up. But then there's

"Battleships," with the stunningly weird chorus of "We love like battleships ... And the cannon goes, 'Boom boo-boom boom boo-boom boom boom,'" which is, well, crazy, and you wonder if he's gone too far.




BOTTOM LINE Daughtry broadens his sound with mixed results

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