The album cover of "A Thousand Miles Left Behind," by...

The album cover of "A Thousand Miles Left Behind," by Gloriana. Credit: AP

When Gloriana arrived on the scene in 2009, they played like a country Fleetwood Mac, complete with tight harmonies and rock leanings. On "A Thousand Miles Left Behind" (Emblem), Rachel Reinert and brothers Tom and Mike Gossin turn down the rock and turn up the harmonies, with sunnier, upbeat results. Their sophomore album is packed with radio-ready country, songs like the lovely current single "(Kissed You) Good Night," the sassy "Go On .?.?. Miss Me" and the vulnerable "Can't Shake You," which have a sweet core and enough power to help them challenge Lady Antebellum as Nashville's reigning trio.

GLORIANA "A Thousand Miles Left Behind"


BOTTOM LINE Steering straight into the heart of country.

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