"Heartfelt Demos" on South Tenth Records.

"Heartfelt Demos" on South Tenth Records. Credit: South Tenth Records

Garden City singer-songwriter John Sullivan says this unexpected new EP, "Heartfelt Demos" (South Tenth), from his side project Harmonic States was a necessity.

"I have been very angry lately, so I released this love song EP before my emotions come out blazing on my 2016 solo debut," Sullivan says.

But these aren't the usual pop princess love songs. Sullivan and Lisa Jordan Kilborn trade off vocals, like James Taylor and Carly Simon used to, on songs like "Time to Let You Go," about seeing your children leave home, that come from a real, experienced point of view.

"There's a place for everything as we wear other rings," Sullivan sings plaintively in the wrenching "Why Couldn't Our Love Last." "In my mind, you always will be my queen."

The songs of "Heartfelt Demos" may be unpolished, but they're also memorable.


"Heartfelt Demos"


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