Emery Kelly, left, Ricky Garcia and Liam Attridge of Forever...

Emery Kelly, left, Ricky Garcia and Liam Attridge of Forever In Your Mind, who are up for the Teen Choice Next Big Thing award. Credit: Leslie Alejandro

Forever in Your Mind enjoyed themselves at last year’s Teen Choice Awards. This year, it’s serious.

The pop trio — Holbrook’s Emery Kelly, Ronkonkoma’s Liam Attridge and Texas native Ricky Garcia — is up for Next Big Thing this year in the music category. (Garcia is also up for Choice Comedy Movie Actor for his role in “Bigger Fatter Liar,” against the likes of Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron.)

“There’s more tension,” Attridge says. “But we could possibly be walking out with a surfboard.” (Custom surfboards are awarded to Teen Choice winners.)

“That’s just the greatest feeling ever,” adds Garcia. “We’ve been working for this a really long time. It’s huge.”

Regardless of how the awards turn out, Forever in Your Mind is ready to move full speed ahead, with its new single “Smooth” (Hollywood).

“It’s more club-oriented,” says Kelly. “Last year’s EP was more pop, more anthem driven, young and fun. We wanted to step it up a bit.”

“It sounds more like what’s on the radio right now,” adds Attridge.

And “Smooth” is just the start, Garcia says. “We’re working on songs with a darker, more mature sound,” he says. “The new music has a cooler vibe and we’re enjoying writing it.”

“Teen Choice 2017” airs live on Fox Aug. 13 at 8.

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