Hoodie Allen has a new album on the way.

Hoodie Allen has a new album on the way. Credit: Bruce Gilbert

Hoodie Allen’s new album, “Hype” (Hoodie Allen), may not be arriving until Sept. 29, but it’s already living up to its name.

The album’s first single, “Know It All,” shows how much the Nassau County rapper has grown since last year’s surprise “Happy Camper” album. Allen does more singing than rapping on the R&B-leaning anthem, as he takes on more serious topics than in previous singles. “Tell me how can I grow when you’re standing on my toes,” he says. “Because some people think they know it all, know it all, but they don’t.”

“Know It All” showcases an uplifting message that still allows Allen to show off his nimble flow and well-crafted lyrics.

However, Allen isn’t all business, with his clever stream-of-consciousness bouncing all over the place on the preview track “Sushi.” “I be reppin’ New York like I play for the Giants,” he raps. “But I root for the Jets ’cause I only fly private, never stressed out homie, Twenty One Pilots.”

It’s no wonder that Allen was able to sell plenty of tickets for his upcoming “The Hype World Tour” even before the album arrives.

Allen plays PlayStation Theater in Manhattan on Nov. 25. Tickets are $34.50 through AXS.

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