Madison Beer's new "All for Love" single was released in...

Madison Beer's new "All for Love" single was released in September 2015. Credit: Island Records

Madison Beer is thrilled about how many secrets were revealed in her new single and video "All For Love" (Island).

"It was really, really hard to bite my tongue," says the 16-year-old singer from Jericho. "It was so hard not to say to everyone, 'I have this song and I really, really want you to hear it.' "

One listen to the sleek, more mature pop sound of "All For Love" and her excitement makes sense, especially once the high-concept video is in the picture.

"I've developed so much as an artist and as a person," Beer says. "I'm really confident about the song and where I'm going. I've changed a lot since 'Melodies.' "

It's been two years since Beer's debut single arrived with help from her mentor, Justin Bieber. Since then, they have recorded plenty of songs together and Beer hopes that she can play those songs for people soon.

For now, though, her focus is on "All for Love," as well as her boyfriend, Jack Gilinsky of the duo Jack & Jack, who appears in the video as her love interest and made some parts tougher than others.

"When the director said, 'You have to fight now,' it probably would have been easier with an actor," she says. "When we had to make out, it was really uncomfortable. His dad and my dad were there watching, just shaking their heads."

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