Rihanna performs with Eminem to open the MTV Video Music...

Rihanna performs with Eminem to open the MTV Video Music Awards at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles. (Sept. 12, 2010) Credit: AP

11:15 pm Kanye West closes the show with "Toast for the Douchebags," which was pretty good and probably cements his image rehab.

11:09 pm Lady Gaga wins video of the year for "Bad Romance." She announces her new album will be called "Born This Way."

11:05 pm Cher: "I've got shoes older than most of these nominees."

10:56 pm Gotta say, I love this Linkin Park single. NIN + Depeche Mode = "The Catalyst"

10:54 pm Justin Bieber wins best new artist. Really? Do The Beeb's fans use the Internet much?

10:48 pm Robyn's echoing, fuzzed-out "Dancing on My Own" was better than almost everything except Florence so far.

10:45 pm BTW, B.O.B.'s two smashes have topped Drake's output so far. Shouldn't be the future of everything and stuff, JT?

10:43 pm Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars?

10:35 pm Eminem wins best hip-hop video for "Not Afraid."

10:25 p.m. Drake's "Fancy," with Mary J. Blige and Swizz Beatz, is another sign of how intensely the hip-hop establishment wants Drizzy to succeed. Kinda like his album.

10:23 p.m. Mary J.!

10:22 pm Justin Timberlake calls Drake "the most exciting new artist in music." Wait wasn't that Nikki Minaj?

10:12 pm Taylor Swift buries the hatchet with Kanye West on "Still an Innocent," singing "Who you are is not what you did" about last year's run-in. A sweet, gentle peace offering, singing, "Everyone of us has messed up too." Classy.

10:05 pm Lady Gaga needs help standing in her new gown, as she wins best pop video for "Bad Romance." "Yeaaaah!" she screams. "God bless pop music and god bless MTV."

9:55 pm Florence and The Machine gives the night's first epic performance, with a huge take on "Dog Days Are Over." See what you've been missing America?

9:47 pm Eminem wins best male video for "Not Afraid." Nicki Minaj reveals that Em has already left the building to fly back to NYC for tomorrrow night's show at Yankee Stadium with Jay-Z.

9:35 pm 30 Seconds to Mars wins best rock video for "Kings and Queens."

9:29 pm Justin Bieber's doing "Baby" and "Somebody to Love."

9:24 pm 30 Seconds to Mars wins Best Rock Video for "Angels and Kings."

9:20 pm Lady Gaga wins her third VMA. Best Female Video for "Bad Romance." "It’s such a dream come true to be here tonight," an emotional Gaga said. "Tonight, little monsters, we’re the cool kids at the party."

9:12 pm Handler: "It's time to address the big elephant in the room. Where's Kanye?"

9:06 pm Lindsay Lohan makes surprise appearance with Chelsea Handler, who's wearing a Gaga-inspired dollhouse hat. "Do you think anyone wants to work with a drunk?" LiLo asked Handler. "Trust me, they don't."

9:04 pm Rihanna arrives to join Em for "Love the Way You Lie." Are all the drummers supposed to be the epic part?

9 pm Eminem kicks off the show with "Not Afraid." Apparently, Kanye West and not Gaga will close the show.


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