Scala & Kolacny Brothers, an all-female Belgian choir, releases its...

Scala & Kolacny Brothers, an all-female Belgian choir, releases its debut album on March 15, 2011, and begins a tour this spring. Steven Kolacny accompanies the choir on piano while his brother Stijn conducts the group. Photo Credit: Fratelli BVBA Credit: Fratelli BVBA/

Think back to last summer, when the trailer for "The Social Network" came out. Remember that eerie rendition of Radiohead's "Creep"? The one with the women's choir?

That would be Scala & Kolacny Brothers' version. And now, after giving us a taste, the Belgian rock choir is plotting its takeover of the States. Its self-titled full-length CD comes out March 15 (et tu, cuties?) and then the crew - Scala is the 200-member choir; the Kolacny brothers are pianist-composer Steven and conductor Stijn - hit the road. The collective comes to Webster Hall April 28.

The album contains "Creep," as well as ethereal reinterpretations of Metallica ("Nothing Else Matters"), Oasis ("Champagne Supernova"), Depeche Mode ("I Feel You") and Alanis Morissette ("Ironic").

What does this mean, aspiring filmmakers? Use a Scala & Kolacny Brothers tune in your trailer, and your flick might one day be up for a ton of Oscars, too.

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