Swear and Shake -- Adam McHeffey, Kari Spieler and Shaun...

Swear and Shake -- Adam McHeffey, Kari Spieler and Shaun Savage. Credit: Swear and Shake

Like so many up-and-coming bands and an increasing number of young people in general, Swear and Shake decided to leave New York because it just didn’t make economic sense to stay.

That doesn’t, however, make the emotions of leaving any less real. And the Americana trio works through them on its second album, “The Sound of Letting Go” (Swear and Shake).

“This is not what I envisioned, living here in Tennessee,” Kari Spieler, from upstate, sings wistfully in “Blouses,” backed by Center Moriches’ Adam McHeffey on guitar and Shaun Savage also of Center Moriches, on bass. “When I dreamed about the future, I saw it going differently.”

Nevertheless, Swear and Shake is thriving in its new Nashville surroundings. “Until Someone Does It to You” mixes the feel of “Pet Sounds”-era Beach Boys with today’s indie rock, especially when McHeffey takes over lead vocals. Spieler sounds like she’s reinterpreting a Carole King classic on “Not for Nothing,” while the dramatic “Friendly Fire” sounds completely current, especially as the band starts to rock out.

Swear and Shake would be a promising band no matter where their home base was, but it sounds like the change of scenery suits them.

Swear and Shake plays Mercury Lounge in Manhattan at 7:30 p.m. June 20. Tickets are $10.

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