Taking Back Sunday, back row, from left, Adam Lazzara, Shaun...

Taking Back Sunday, back row, from left, Adam Lazzara, Shaun Cooper and Mark O'Connell and front row, from left, John Nolan and Eddie Reyes. Credit: Warner Bros., 2010

Taking Back Sunday unveiled the first official single from their upcoming “Taking Back Sunday” album last night, the hard-hitting “El Paso.”

With Adam Lazzara's passionate vocals, the howling guitars and thudding bass, “El Paso” would sound more at home on Soundgarden's “Superunknown” or even Brand New's “Daisy” than TBS' own “Tell All Your Friends,” which is the era that the current lineup comes from. Of course, a lot has changed in the nine years since that album.

“El Paso” sounds more intense and less polished than much of their last album “New Again,” while Lazzara's lyrics continue to stab at raw nerves. “You'll never give what you get,” he shrieks. “Just do your best forget.”

“Taking Back Sunday” is due out in the summer, but the Rockville Centre-based band – Lazzara, guitarist/singer John Nolan, guitarist Eddie Reyes, bassist Shaun Cooper and drummer Mark O'Connell – is set to hit the road next month, including a headlining slot at this year's Bamboozle on April 30.

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