Musician/singer/songwriter Brian Setzer, best know as the lead singer of...

Musician/singer/songwriter Brian Setzer, best know as the lead singer of Stray Cats in the early '80s, was born in Massapequa. Credit: AP

Go ahead, ax a question.

For close to a decade, Guitar World magazine has invited readers to query their favorite guitarists with a question, any question. Now, the magazine has compiled a book-full of Q&A’s in “Dear Guitar Hero” (Backbeat, $16.99). Out next month, the 253-page collection has interviews with a range of ax-men (and women) — from Jeff Beck to Dickey Betts to Chrissie Hynde.

But the book could be subtitled “Long Island Rocks.” Yes, the Island is represented in the book with these guitar heroes:

BRIAN SETZER, who is asked everything from which rockabilly artists he recommends to a query about his ’56 Chevy to what kind of hair pomade he uses (Murray’s).

JOE SATRIANI, who is asked about his love of Ibanez guitars; where he gets his hats (from Project Alabama); and how he makes his head and instruments so shiny.

JOHN PETRUCCI, who is asked which superhero he’d be (Superman); how to improve speed while playing; and what the Dream Theater guy uses to get distortion.

LESLIE WEST, who is asked about playing with Eddie Van Halen (VH got West playing guitar again in the late ’70s); why the original Mountain broke up in 1972; and did he cause the New York City blackout of ’65.

STEVE VAI, who is asked which is more important, great technique or raw emotion; who would be on his Mount Rushmore for guitarists (Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Eddie Van Halen and Stevie Ray Vaughn); and does he feel he’s mastered the guitar yet.

PHOTO: Massapequa's Brian Setzer still has his hair piled high

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