"Princesses: Long Island" cast members, from left, Casey Cohen, Chanel...

"Princesses: Long Island" cast members, from left, Casey Cohen, Chanel "Coco" Omari, Amanda Bertoncini and Joey Lauren, ready to get going from Manhattan's Penn Station on the LIRR's "Cannonball" express train to the Hamptons. (June 7, 2013) Credit: AP

They shop, they date, they party -- and when they ride the Long Island Rail Road, it's always in style.

After the airing of just one episode of Bravo's "Princesses: Long Island," the show's stars have already become reality TV royalty, amassing a large crowd of fans Friday in Manhattan's Penn Station before boarding the "Cannonball" express train to the Hamptons.

Newsday.com caught up with four members of the cast during the ride: Amanda Bertoncini, Joey Lauren, Chanel Omari and newly crowned "Princess" Casey Cohen, who entered the show on Sunday's episode. (Ashlee White and Erica Gimbel were not present.) Fans have met these young women through the show (and gotten to know them via Twitter -- they're all pretty avid tweeters), but spending time with the "Princesses" behind the scenes, we got to know some things about them that viewers haven't seen on TV.

Some surprising facts about the "Princesses: Long Island":

1. Chanel once moved out of her parents' house. She lived in New York City for a time before returning home to Long Island.

2. Amanda is a "Star Wars" fan. "I love Princess Leia," she says. "Not only is my dog called Leia, but Princess Leia is just this strong woman."

3. Casey once auditioned for "The Voice."

4. One of the first words Joey learned as a child was "self-sufficient." "Because my mom wanted me to be self-sufficient, I started making my own doctor's appointments in first grade," she says.

5. Amanda never planned to date an older man, she says of her relationship with her boyfriend Jeff, who is 12 years her senior. "He can have his goofy side and be immature, so [the age difference] balances out," she says.

6. Casey is a huge proponent of art education in schools. "Art has been the one constant in my life and it is everything to me," she says.

7. The Carvel in Merrick, where Joey grew up, has a cone named after her. "It's a vanilla small kids' cone with colored sprinkles," she says.

8. Though she is from Great Neck, Chanel went to school on the South Shore.

9. Joey's favorite vegetable is bok choy.

10. Though she's the youngest of the group, Amanda is one of the most mature, says Joey. "When you first meet her, you're thrown because she's so young, she's so cute, she's so youthful," Joey says. "But besides all that, what she is really is a mature woman."

11. Chanel's favorite Disney princess is the Little Mermaid because "she didn't always have a voice and sometimes I have felt like I didn't," she says.

12. She says "everything on Bravo" is her favorite reality TV, but "Watch What Happens Live" is Joey's favorite show.

13. Casey's celebrity crush is Adam Levine.

14. If the pool party incident with "Red Bikini Sara" happened today, Joey would come to Amanda's defense. "That was only the second time I had ever met Jeff, and I was just getting to know Amanda... So when that kind of dynamic happened with someone I had brought, I didn't know who they were deep down," Joey says. "I didn't really know what was going on, so I chose to do nothing. Looking back, knowing Amanda now, that would never fly again. If that kind of situation ever happens again, you would see a completely different side to me."

15. Amanda's celebrity lookalikes are Nicole Richie and Lady Gaga.

16. If Chanel could date any celebrity NJB ("Nice Jewish Boy"), it would be Jesse Eisenberg. One of her regrets is not entering to win a VIP date with him during a contest she came across on the Jewish dating website JDate.

17. She currently works at NYC nightclub 1 Oak, but Casey is also an artist whose goal is to show her work.

18. Limani restaurant in Roslyn is Amanda's favorite date-night spot.

19. Chanel wants to create a hip-hop music video with Lil Wayne, Drake, Young Money and the "Princesses" cast. "That would be my dream," she says.

20. Casey says she can relate to Jennifer Aniston. "We had similar upbringings," she says.

What are you most surprised to learn about the "Princesses: Long Island?" Tell us in the comments below.

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