"Princesses: Long Island" cast members, from left, Erica Gimbel, 29,...

"Princesses: Long Island" cast members, from left, Erica Gimbel, 29, Old Westbury; Joey Lauren Brodish, 30, Freeport; and Amanda Bertoncini, 27, Great Neck, enjoy the nautical ambience. Credit: Bravo

"Princesses: Long Island" ended its 10-week reign on Bravo Sunday night, and did so relatively quietly, especially on the heels of an explosive second-to-last episode. And with the barrage of criticism the reality show received from many Long Islanders early on, "Princesses" seems to have ultimately played out like the month of March: In like a lion, out like a lamb.

The question now is, will there be a season 2? No word yet from Bravo, though the cast is pushing for it on social media. A reunion special seems likely, since all the "Real Housewives" seasons get one, and this spring's "Married to Medicine" (a show more on par with "Princesses") did too. The finale episode left enough tension and unanswered questions to serve as reunion fodder, and even left the door open for a second season, should ratings convince the cable network it's worthwhile.

In the meantime, cast members Chanel Omari, Ashlee White, Joey Lauren, Casey Cohen, Erica Gimbel and Amanda Bertoncini (plus Jeff and Babs!) probably have some regrets after seeing their lives play out on a show that played up a stereotype all at once based on geography, religion and socioecomonic status: the Jewish-American Princess from Long Island.

Here are five life lessons gleaned from the "Princesses":

1. Learn when to let go of the past -- Especially if the most painful part of your past is that time when the "hottest girl on Long Island" stole your boyfriend right before prom. Though this situation from 10 years ago was a huge source of contention between Casey and Erica at the beginning of the season, both seemed to have gradually moved beyond it, and have softened toward each other. Or maybe it just seems that way because they were hardly in any of the same scenes after episode 3. Regardless, Casey needs to focus on her present and future to truly be happy, and forget about wasting energy and emotions on Erica, who has apologized repeatedly and with whom Casey will probably never be friends.

2. Don't get your hopes up -- Even if you "really, really, really want to get married with Jeff." I KNEW Amanda's boyfriend of six months wasn't going to pop the question during that scene on the Long Island Rail Road (Bravo would not have teased it so obviously if he had!), but I was hoping for a move-in-with-me proposal at the very least, not a promise ring. Amanda and Jeff seem to be on the marriage track though, so I'd be willing to bet a Babs-approved engagement is in their near future. 

3. Stop trying to please everyone -- Chanel, I'm looking at you. Whether it's family or friends, this princess was hyper-aware of people's expectations and judgments the entire season, and for that I really felt bad for her. Constantly trying to predict another person's reaction to something or living up to someone else's plan for your life can only make you miserable. Do you, girl.

4. Playing victim is never a good look -- It's pathetic, not flattering or even strategic in an argument. Maybe Ashlee thinks acting like a victim the day of the "wine vineyard" tour from hell gives her the last word in her war on Joey, thereby crowning her the winner. She's wrong. More than that, her retelling of the events of that day make her seem borderline delusional. Erica should never have brought up the beef between Ashlee and Joey during lunch if she really wanted the group to enjoy the day, but that aside, Ashlee was looking for a fight. No matter how many times Joey said hashing it out with her in front of the other girls at that moment was not important to her and not something she wanted to do at that moment, Ashlee would not stop bringing up the "funny looking" comment and more. She provoked aggressively, then said she was attacked -- even going so far as to compare the fight to pitbulls attacking a teacup Yorkie (Ashlee being the Yorkie). Please.

Not only does Ashlee walk away from the table to call her parents (big surprise), all the while hyperventilating into the phone ("Help... me") and asking if they can charter her a private plane from the East End to Roslyn (she can't be serious), the 30-year-old disappears down the rural highway, leaving Chanel to search for her for hours. According to Ashlee, she had a panic attack on the side of the road and hitchhiked to a hospital, where "they had to give me a Benadryl." If that series of events is not a desperate cry for attention I don't know what is.

The worst part is that she blames Joey, Amanda and Erica for a) essentially putting her in the hospital, and b) "not caring" that she ended up in the hospital. Ashlee, you did that to yourself. No one could have predicted, as they were leaving to meet Erica's father on his yacht after you made them two hours late for that, that your health would be jeopardized later that day.

Come to find out, Ashlee had had a stroke that left her bedridden for eight months just a year earlier. While that is completely unfortunate, it doesn't mean anyone (besides Ashlee) should have acted any differently at the vineyard. Falling victim to a terrible circumstance (such as having a stroke) does not give a person a free pass to play victim in every other situation for the rest of their life.

5. Don't take sides in an argument you weren't there to witness -- Casey asking Amanda to meet up just to berate her for how she handled the vineyard fight was totally off base. Casey wasn't even there that day! All she knows about what happened is what Ashlee and Chanel told her -- and we all know how rational Ashlee's version probably was (not). As for Chanel, I completely understand why she feels protective over her friend, especially knowing Ashlee's recent health struggles. But sometimes being a good friend means being honest and telling a person when she's in the wrong. Casey goes on and on about the importance of loyalty, but she's ultimately doing her friendship with Ashlee (and Amanda) a disservice if she continues to defend her blindly.

What do you think? Are you Team Joey or Team Ashlee? And should Bravo renew "Princesses: Long Island" for season 2? Tell us in the poll below.

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