Reports claiming Suri Cruise, 7, is launching her own clothing...

Reports claiming Suri Cruise, 7, is launching her own clothing line are false, according to Vogue UK. Credit: Getty Images

The world has been watching Suri Cruise's style since the day she fashionably exited Katie Holmes' womb, but the kitten heel and faux fur coat-wearing, purse-toting toddler has finally grown into a full-fledged fashionista .?.?. at the ripe old age of 7.

British news outlet The Sun reported Friday that the mini-mogul had inked a $2.3 million deal for a kids' clothing line, sparking a gossip frenzy. The line was reportedly called "Suri" and set to launch clothing, shoes and accessories in New York department stores this fall.

"This is a nice hobby for her, it’s certainly not going to take over her life," a source told The Sun. "Most girls dream of being able to make their own clothes, this just means her drawings will now become a reality."

Vogue UK released a statement a few hours later calling the rumor "100 percent" false, and although Cruise is the only 7-year-old potentially capable of such a feat, let's be real. Holmes wouldn't want her own fashion line overshadowed like that.

So sadly for the fashion world, it seems Cruise's Crayola creations are just hanging on the family refrigerator, not turning into multimillion dollar business deals .?.?. for now, anyway. You never know what second-grade might bring.

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