Taking Back Sunday takes the stage at the Paramount Theater,...

Taking Back Sunday takes the stage at the Paramount Theater, Huntington, March. 24, 2015. Credit: Bruce Gilbert

There was plenty of celebrating at The Paramount Tuesday night as Taking Back Sunday marked the Huntington venue's 500th concert with a hard-hitting show for its hometown crowd.

The Rockville Centre-based band is wrapping up promotion of its "Happiness Is" album, which hit the Top 10 last year, on this current tour. And all that time playing these songs has turned "Flicker, Fade" into a massive opening sing-along and "Stood a Chance" into an undeniable power-pop marvel, driven much harder by drummer Mark O'Connell and bassist Shaun Cooper.

Singer Adam Lazzara added some extra emotion to "Better Homes and Gardens," a song about marital troubles that he says is hard for him to sing, but he hopes it will help others in a similar position.

However, the homecoming was a mostly triumphant affair, with a massive video wall that framed O'Connell and his drum kit. "I just don't want it to end," Lazzara said, introducing the band's biggest hit, "MakeDamnSure." At one point, fans started chanting O'Connell's name until he offered a wave. And the crowd screamed for guitarist Eddie Reyes after Lazzara explained how Reyes allowed him to audition for the band.

"We're Taking Back Sunday and we're from right here," Lazzara said. "We don't get to say that very often."

The band threw in some extra Long Island touches into the show, entering and exiting to Billy Joel music.

Guitarist/singer John Nolan even added a makeshift plaque made of tape to the Paramount stage mark where he played, a few feet from the metal plaque that marks the spot where Joel played at the venue. Lazzara even revealed that he once had a root canal done in Huntington.

Of course, few things are more Long Island than screaming along to songs from "Tell All Your Friends" in the midst of a mosh pit. That feeling will stand the test of time.

SETLIST: Flicker, Fade/What’s It Feel Like To Be a Ghost/No. 5 With a Bullet/How I Met Your Mother/Liar (It Takes One to Know One)/Stood a Chance/Timberwolves vs. New Jersey/You Got Me/Ghost Man on Third/Decade Under the Influence/Bonus Mosh Pt. 2/Faith (When I Let You Down)/You’re So Last Summer/Better Homes and Gardens/Error Operator/You Know How I Do/It Takes More//ENCORE: Call Me in the Morning/Cute Without the ‘E’/MakeDamnSure