Pink injured during show

Pink was rushed to a German hospital Thursday after falling onstage during her aerial acrobatic number, "Glitter in the Air," Newsday's Glenn Gamboa reports. "Didn't get clipped into harness correctly, drug me off stage, fell into barricade," tweeted the singer, as she apologized to fans at the show in Nuremberg, Germany, which was cut short when she was taken away in an ambulance. "I hope it at least looked cool!" She later reported that she was sore, but did not break any bones or injure her lungs in the fall.

Blackmailer up for Emmy

The former CBS News producer jailed for trying to blackmail David Letterman is up for an Emmy award, The Associated Press reports. Robert "Joe" Halderman was nominated Thursday for a News and Documentary Emmy award for his participation in an April 2009 "48 Hours" story about an American exchange student charged with murder in Italy. He was one of four producers cited for the story. Halderman began a 6-month jail sentence in May for trying to extort money from Letterman in exchange for not revealing the late-night host's office affair.

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