Christopher LLoyd, left, as Doc Brown and Michael J. Fox...

Christopher LLoyd, left, as Doc Brown and Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly watch as their plans go awry in the 1989 Universal City Studios film "Back To The Future Part II." Credit: Universal

Already we've seen the remake of 1980s classic "Clash of the Titans," and the crazy decade will come back to life over and over again this summer. Among the '80s franchises getting a kickstart are "The Karate Kid," "Tron," "Predator," "Nightmare of Elm Street," "Wall Street" and "The A-Team." Later this year, we'll see 1984 and the Cold War return in the "Red Dawn" remake.

Hollywood has officially lost all its creative juice. Sad when the land of make believe no longer believes in making up things.

Instead, they just dust off the old classics and stick new actors in them, thereby creating a whole new fan base . . . and angering the original fan base that has the money to send the new fan base to the movie theaters.

But there's no use in complaining any more about it since Hollywood will see the box-office success of these films and make the conclusion that everything from the 1980s is rebootable. So, let's send a message to the studio heads as Top 5 Thursday counts down the five '80s franchises we really want to see rebooted.

5) "21 Jump Street"

There's been rumors of such a restart, but of course, everything ever made in the decade of decadence has reboot rumors attached to it (much the way how whenever you run into a past-their-prime musician, they always claim to be "in the studio" or "working on some new stuff"). Imagine Johnny Depp and Richard Grieco on the same screen? Grieco's Booker could be the runaway cop, and Depp's Hanson returns to save the day.

4) "Beverly Hills Cop"

Again, there's been lots of talk about a fourth installment of Eddie Murphy's Axel Foley. Stop talking. Start writing, producing, directing, filming and editing so we can start buying and watching and downloading.

3) "The Cannonball Run"

This sort of ensemble movie works in any decade. Grab dynamic duos and terrific trios from around pop culture and throw them in a slapstick comedy about an all-night, all-day race across the country. Example: Turtle and Johnny Drama from "Entourage," Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, Chelsea Handler and Chuy, the Kardashian sisters. See, it's easy.

2) "Back to the Future"

I was flipping through the channels recently and came across "Back to the Future II." There went two hours. Such a classic. I then ran to my Netflix account and immediately added "Back to the Future" AND "Back to the Future III" to my queue, then clicked the "Move to top of Queue" button. I don't have any plot ideas, but I'm sure someone out there can figure out something for us to throw our money at. Heck, but this in 3-D and we're all good. Those flying cars, hoverboards and instant-dry jackets don't seem so far-fetched anymore, do they?

1) "Fletch"

Or Fletch F. Fletch. Or Jane Doe. Or Ted Nugent. Or whatever alias you want to use, it's time to forget about all the studio bickering about this revival and actually bring back the most amusing character from the 1980s. Attention studio heads: I promise to buy three copies of "Fletch Lives" on DVD if you promise I can also buy tickets to a new "Fletch" movie. Make Chevy Chase the grizzled newspaper editor who comes back to reporting and teaches us Internet people a thing or two about good investigative journalism . . . while wearing a Michael Cooper Lakers jersey (since, presumably, both Magic and Kareem are in the wash).



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