Long Island's Dee Snider, front man of Twisted Sister, and...

Long Island's Dee Snider, front man of Twisted Sister, and his family star in a new reality show "Growing up Twisted" on A&E, airing Tuesdays at 10 p.m. Credit: AETN

Dee Snider calls his family "The Huxtables meets the Munsters."

But the Twisted Sister front man's new reality show, "Growing Up Twisted," will remind people of another TV family - the Osbournes.

The Sniders - Dee and wife, Suzette, and their kids, Jesse, Shane, Cody and Cheyenne - have been dubbed "Long Island's Most Outrageous Family" by A&E, though the Lohans of Merrick could certainly give them a run for their money.

"We are who we are," said Dee. "We found someone who gets us."

Though Dee is talking about Evolution Media, the company that started "The Real Housewives of Orange County," he's talking about viewers as well. He said he thinks people will find his family "interesting, but eminently likable."

Dee makes no secret that he hopes the show will launch the next generation of Sniders into show business, especially singer-songwriter Jesse, comedian Shane and filmmaker Cody. (In the episodes airing tonight, Jesse writes and sings a new song, "Go With Me," for his daughter Logan, and Shane does a stand-up open mic night in Greenwich Village.)

However, the heart of the show is the unique Snider family dynamic that is as comfortable discussing art and the symbolism of tattoos as it is talking about Suzette's, um, personal grooming habits. "There's a lot more reality in our show," Dee said. "Either we're interesting, or we're not. If we're not genuine, we're going to run out of steam pretty fast, anyway."

Of course, there's also the draw of seeing the home life of a rock star, including trips to the tattoo parlor, where Cody taunts his dad, who tears up a bit, telling him, "Crying is not metal. Maybe if you cried tears of blood, that would be metal."

Long Island landmarks also play a role in "Growing Up Twisted," as Dee and Suzette have an anniversary dinner at Pasta Pasta in Port Jefferson and share a romantic evening and a lap dance at Danfords Hotel and Marina.

During the second episode, Dee sums up his life by saying, "I came home to chaos - blood, tears, total mayhem, the usual."

WHAT "Growing Up Twisted"

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