Amber Holcomb next on “American Idol,“ doing Whitney Houston's “I Believe In You and Me,“ and I'm telling you, she's got something special going on with her voice — it just grabs you, and makes you smile.

She's so good; audience is whooping and hollering, judges are nodding, and it's effortless. Best performance of the night so far for me; and once again, unexpected. She doesn't look as much like a star as some of the others, but vocally —  wow. Gets a standing ovation from all four judges.

Keith Urban says, “What a perfect song for you,“ calls her tone “exquisite.“ Nicki Minaj says simply, “That was a 10 — billion.“ Tells her, “Your vocals are surpassing this competition, nothing that came before you is even on your level.“

Randy Jackson lavishes more praise on her, and Mariah Carey calls her “one of my favorite people in this competition.“

Kree Harrison has to follow that, with Faith Hill's “Stronger.“ She's got a good voice too; really kicks it into an extra gear on the second half, lots of emotion and sincerity.

Urban stands for her, loved her range. Minaj praises her “rich” tone, calls it “soothing, relaxing.“ Jackson tells her, “You can probably really sing anything,“ with Carey saying, “there is an undeniable thing that you have.“

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