Hey, it's Valentine's Day — duh — and, by heavens, I hope you have something better to do with your beloved tonight than sit at home and watch the premiere of AMC's two new gnarly (not "gnarly" in a good gnarly way perhaps, but more on that in a bit) reality series, "Freakshow" and "Immortalized." .?.?.

Yes, tonight marks the first night of AMC's reality Thursdays .?.?.

But really, who am I to pass judgment on a pair of shows about incredibly, umm, colorful people and others who stuff dead animals? So here's the deal: You pass your own judgment!

Posted here for your lunchtime viewing pleasure, the so-called "pre-air" online premieres; am not sure these specific episodes will air tonight, but what you will get (in spades) is a flavor for what AMC has in mind to attract wandering eyeballs. The results are curiously unsettling .?.?. Initial impression? "Freakshow's" the better bet, but I do use the term "better" loosely, even though this could be a hoot .?.?.

So this is strictly your call, friend, and Happy Valentine's Day .?.?.

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