Haley Reinhart sizzled in a teeny-tiny sparkly, mini dress with...

Haley Reinhart sizzled in a teeny-tiny sparkly, mini dress with graphics suggesting stained glass on the front paired with thigh-high purple suede boots. (April 13, 2011) Credit: Fox

Who looked best Wednesday night on "American Idol"? Though it was “Movie Night,” the stars that shone brightest in the fashion department did away with complicated ensembles and artifice, and instead they kept it simple.

First up, Stefano Langone, who nixed the blazer, vest, fedora and other trappings of the "Idol" stage and opted for an almost preppy V-neck striped shirt layered over a white button-down worn with beat-up jeans and sneaks. He looked handsome and real.

Though Casey Abrams donned an ascot (eek), his neat taupe suit and crisp shirt were an improvement over shows past, when he appeared rumpled or eccentrically styled. He is a sort of a cool jazz nerd and the look fit the guy – literally and figuratively.  

And since we’re talking about fit, well, hallelujah, Jacob Lusk’s khaki suit was tailored almost perfectly – this may be a first – and with a starched light-blue, checked shirt and a little bling in the form of crystal cufflinks. Well, dare we say he looked elegant? 

Although her performance came under fire, in the less is more category, Haley Reinhart certainly wore less, and she sizzled in it.  A teeny-tiny sparkly, minidress with graphics suggesting stained glass on the front paired with thigh-high purple suede boots prompted Steven Tyler to say, “That thing you got on is gorgeous.”  

The same was not true for Lauren Alaina who has really had more than her share of fashion misfires. In a black-and-white sequined zebra stripe, paired with a tutu-esque tulle pouf of a skirt and cowboy boots that hit midcalf, well simplicity was not her mantra. And though she sang well enough, we worry that her poor wardrobe choices may affect her votes.  

OK, so country crooner Scotty McCreery is supposed to be all “man folk” with that deep, deep voice, so note to the makeup department: Let’s try to disguise the fact that he’s wearing pancake makeup and tons of powder just a wee bit more. That, plus an outfit that just wasn’t him – leather jacket, T-shirt and jeans – left us unimpressed.  

James Durbin did his rocker thing (yes, tail and all) in a leather studded jacket, gray T-shirt and jeans, though his best accessory was Zakk Wylde who killed it on guitar. Wow.

We leave the fashion worst for last . . . is anyone liking Paul McDonald’s flowered suits? This one was worse than the last . . . black and red all over. It was a gaudy-fest, and Ryan Seacrest noted that he looked as though he was representing “NashVegas.” And just when you thought you couldn’t take your eyes of the cartoony suit, well on came a bombshell-blond woman playing a mean saxophone. She stole McDonald’s show.

Ah, yes, and one final note on scene stealing. It’s kind of hard to even think about looking good when you have the person People magazine dubbed “Most Beautiful Woman In The World” in the house. Bet Jennifer Lopez probably had a very good day.

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