While Paul McDonald’s “Rocket Man” rendition was overly restrained, his...

While Paul McDonald’s “Rocket Man” rendition was overly restrained, his flowered suit was certainly not. (March 30, 2011) Credit: Fox

In "Idol’s" homage to Elton John, some contestants imitated the performer’s signature over-the-top style, while others kept the fashion toned down.

In the former category, while Paul McDonald’s “Rocket Man” rendition was overly restrained, his flowered suit was certainly not –eeks! We’ve seen it before this season, and Elton might have worn it back in the day, but the crazy get-up was at odds with the quiet, soulful version of the song. After Steven Tyler asked if he had been watering the suit, “because there are a lot more flowers on it,” McDonald suggested he was retiring the ensemble. Goody.

Naima Adedapo’s pinstriped jumpsuit with green, yellow and red Rasta trim was eccentric as always, though again it did not enhance her reggae performance of “I’m Still Standing” though Elton might approve of the look.

The icon would have certainly given the nod to Pia Toscano’s sparkling cocktail number featuring sequins and sheer illusion netting and towering platform stilettos. Likewise to Haley Reinhart’s glittery floral – its girlishness interestingly at odds with the singer’s huge, sexy voice. Both women earned their shine last night.

The rest of it was almost too toned down: fan favorite Jacob Lusk did dark-suited lounge singer with an untied red bow tie, and matching pocket square. For once, the jacket almost fit. Stefano Lagone was the anti-Elton but looked handsome in a matching vest and pants ensemble worn with a crisp white shirt and sneakers. His distracting soul patch had been cleaned up but if he asked (and he didn’t) we’d say ixnay on the facial hair for him.

Speaking of cleaned up, Casey Abrams, got his beard and hair sheared and styled – a good move taking the wooly out of the mammoth, though he dressed like a college professor.

And while we’re on hair, well there was James Durbin’s faux hawk, last sported on (remember?) Sanjaya. He did his rocker thing including black ripped jeans with heart embroidery up the side.

Thia Megia’s lacy ivory tunic was a great bit of on-trend fashion with its 70’s vibe, but way too dull for the stage. And after looking so swell last week, Lauren Alaina, wore a strapless black and sequin number featuring a high-low hemline. It was an awkward, witchy frock, prompting Tyler to say, “You keep singing like that and you’ll be able to afford the rest of that dress.”

While we’re on the judges, Jennifer Lopez took the glam factor up to seismic proportions in a one shoulder purple and gold sequin mini – Elton probably loooved it. And do keep an eye on Ryan Seacrest’s hair. Last week is was puffed up high with product – almost zany – last night it was boyishly tamped down. Oh what will he do next?

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