Proud dad Duane Defreitas holds his 2-year-old math whiz son, Devan,...

Proud dad Duane Defreitas holds his 2-year-old math whiz son, Devan, on the set of "America's Got Talent." Credit: NBC / Trae Patton

Two-year-old math whiz Devan Defreitas, of Elmont, held the stage like a pro Tuesday night on the season 19 premiere of NBC’s “America’s Got Talent,” with his audition earning “yes” votes from all four judges.

We first see Devan — the TikTok sensation known as Baby Dev — and his dad, retired NYPD Officer Duane Defreitas, wandering around the set. In his father’s arms, Devan on his own reads aloud the words in the lighted logo “America’s Got Talent.” After Defreitas introduces the boy to host Terry Crews, Devan marches straight to the camera, his face filling the screen, and says “Hi.”

The father and son go before judges Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel and Sofía Vergara, as the episode’s second act, with stagehands bringing out three whiteboards on easels. Defreitas tells the judges his story of how Devan’s first word was “seven,” which music impresario Cowell informs them is “my lucky number.”

That numeral also is the one Mandel gives after Defreitas asks the comic for a one-digit number. Prompted for a second number, Mandel says, “Nine.” Then Defreitas, rather than have Devan simply add the numerals, puts a multiplication sign between them.

With scant hesitation, Devan writes and says, “63.” There’s a moment of silence. Defreitas then confirms the answer is correct, and the crowd erupts in applause. Devan, delighted, starts laughing.

Defreitas then asks supermodel Klum and actor Vergara each for a two-digit number. Devan subsequently adds 44 and 13 correctly.

Finally, Cowell offers the numbers 79 and 7. Devan begins multiplying them, showing his work in the margins. Mandel marvels, “We get to see the process!” — prompting the toddler to turn around and stare at him. As the audience titters and Defreitas chuckles, Vergara chides Mandel playfully, “You ruined it!” With Mandel looking duly chastised, Defreitas gives his son the go-ahead.

Devan continues his multiplication as an audience member notes appreciatively, “He’s not even using his fingers!” After the toddler correctly gives the answer 553, the audience applauds. As Defreitas picks up his son, “Lil Boo Thang” by singer Paul Russell plays on the soundtrack.

The judges express their appreciation, with Klum telling the boy, “This applause is all for you, for being so amazing.” Devan dances on the stage in glee. Mandel asks, “Devan, if we give you a million dollars, what are you going to do with it?” When the tot doesn’t know how to answer, Mandel quips, “Oh, go figure it out. Do the math!”

Crews, standing offstage, says into the camera that he admires the child’s politeness. Cowell kids, “Devan, will you help me negotiate my next deal?” Devan happily answers, “Yes!’

Cowell, who in addition to being a judge is a co-creator and an executive producer of the show, says, “This is the youngest person we’ve ever, ever had, and I’d like to be Number One to say yes.” The other three judges follow suit. “Lil Boo Thang” again plays, with its sampling from The Emotions’ 1977 single “Best of My Love.”

As father and son leave the stage, Cowell says, “What a sweet kid. What a great dad as well.”

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