Amy Schumer is starring in a Hellmann's mayonnaise commercial that...

Amy Schumer is starring in a Hellmann's mayonnaise commercial that will air during the Super Bowl next month. Credit: Getty Images / Steven Ferdman

Rockville Centre-raised comedy star Amy Schumer plays the enchanted Fairy Godmayo in a teaser for her upcoming Super Bowl commercial for Hellman's mayonnaise.

The 16-second spot opens with a close-up profile of a refrigerator in a dramatically darkened kitchen. An arm reaches into the frame and opens the refrigerator door, which is loaded inside with jar after jar of Hellman's mayonnaise. Then Schumer, dressed in a gray business suit and smiling momentarily at the camera, enters the fridge. In an overhead shot purportedly from the top of the refrigerator and illuminated by the appliance's light, we see her shadow slowly sprouting angelic wings.

"My character, she's kind of magical," the 39-year-old star of films including "Trainwreck" and of the comedic culinary series "Amy Schumer Learns to Cook," told "Entertainment Tonight" Tuesday. "And she really doesn't like food waste. And the slogan — I don't say this in the commercial but I really love this — [is] 'Make taste, not waste.' … Nothing annoys this character more than somebody wasting food."

Schumer recalled that when representatives of the Unilever brand had reached out to her, "I was like, 'Yes, I love Hellmann's. I have my whole life, what's up?' And then they told me about the commercial and the premise."

She added, "I love the company and I love that they're doing so much … to promote the knowledge about food waste." She learned, she said, "that 40 percent of all food in America is wasted. Forty-three percent of the food in our own home, we throw away."

The campaign points out five tips to avoid wasting food, such as moving leftovers from refrigerator to freezer before they spoil, and organizing your pantry and refrigerator so that food isn't hidden and left to go bad. The website as well provides recipes for using mayonnaise with salvaged food.

On "Today" Tuesday, Schumer said of the full commercial, "I just found out it's airing [in] the second quarter. I go on before The Weeknd halftime show, so technically I'm opening for The Weeknd."

She additionally joked: "When they told me I was going to be in, like, 'You're the third commercial break of the second quarter,' I was, like, 'I have no idea how many quarters or halves or what there are.' I feel pretty bad about it."

In 2016, Schumer appeared with actor Seth Rogen in a Super Bowl commercial for Bud Light beer.

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