Angie Miller is back at the piano as the “American Idol” finalists sing their second song of the night — ones they wish they had written. She's doing Kari Jobe's “Love Came Down.“

OK, now this is classic Miller — compelling, unique, naturally building to emotion; not too perfect, she's just letting loose. Great choice, memorable performance; gets Keith Urban and Randy Jackson to stand.

“I love that because I know that's who you are,“ says Jackson. “That was amazing.“ Mariah Carey says she's so “organic” at the piano. Urban says this is real passion. Nicki Minaj says, “If I'm not crying after your performance, something is wrong.“ Tells her not to run from it, do exactly this, otherwise with the talent level of the other women this year, “you're outta here.“

Amber Holcomb struts out singing Beyonce's “Love On Top,“ and it's fun if not fantastic. She's such a natural; always seems real, never overstraining. Audience is really enjoying it; judges are bopping back and forth too. Bit pitchy in parts, but well done.

Carey says not her favorite vocal, but liked it. Urban calls it a great song choice, says “We were all dancing up here.“ Minaj tells her, “You have arrived,“ with Jackson adding, “Yes, yes, yes!“

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