"American Idol" is picking three women and three guys to sing for the two wild card spots. Ashton Jones is first, doing "And I Am Telling You." It's totally appropriate and a good fit for her big voice.

She brings an element of unpredictability to this, has potential superstar written all over her. Is just wailing, working it, in full diva mode. I don't really enjoy it, but can appreciate it, especially the big finish -- man, she brought it!

Steven Tyler says, "I think you brought it like you brought it before," Jennifer Lopez felt her passion, and Randy Jackson loves the attitude. 

They are going to run into a time issue here; 40 minutes left, 5 performances and the decisions to come.

Stefano Langone is next with "I Need You Now." It's niiiiceeee; tender, and passionate, builds into power. He's really singing hard, and goes big. 

Yeah, just give it to these two, and move on. Randy says you brought it, J.Lo says "you came through, baby," and Tyler tells him oddly, "you gilded the lily of your own passion."

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