Russell Brand appears onstage at the MTV Movie Awards in...

Russell Brand appears onstage at the MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles. (June 3, 2012) Credit: AP

THE SHOW "Brand X With Russell Brand," Thursday at 11 p.m. on FX

WHAT IT'S ABOUT What do we know about this new weekly talk show hosted by the British comedian, recently married to Katy Perry? Not all that much (review copies were not made available), though it's not entirely clear Brand does either. At the winter press tour, he explained, "Remember Mork? He was trying, I think, to get a green card and essentially that's what I'm doing." FX promises the topical show will "get to the bottom of what news really means" -- though who knows what that really means. Brand will have guests, interact with the audience, joke, riff, maybe even talk about Perry -- though that's not something you might care to hold your breath for. Intriguingly, FX press materials also hint at some spiritual perspective, too -- seriously. Said Brand at the press tour, "I don't see myself or my role as a malevolent jester attacking people who are already being attacked. All I want is for people to feel better than they do now . . . and as long as I stay in alignment with that, then I'm served by great forces."

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