Crystal Bowersox and Casey James are up first on '"American Idol" and for the first time Casey's in the bottom three. Yeah! About time. Now he really looks mad.

Aaron Kelly and Lee Dewzye are next, and Aaron's back in the bottom three. He doesn't seem surprised.

Wow, that was fast; and they keep going without a break. Joss Stone and Jeff Beck perform "I Put A Spell On Your," she's amazingly insistent in her singing. It's not really pleasant to listen to, too much of a bludgeoning style.

It is really a weird night -- no rhythm, just random thing to random thing, all crammed-in, everything at full volume to beat us over the head. Your favorite's in danger! Kids are dying! We're gonna sing real loud! Give money! Ryan's gonna be funny! 

It's very jangly, and unpleasant. If the show had a decent host, he/she would keep it together, and keep it all centered. As it is, this show's becoming a mess. It's well-meaning, but ill-produced.


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