"American Idol" judges are about to send five guys through to the semifinals, with five others going home. I think four are obvious, fifth is going to be tougher.

(Update: Click here to read rankings of all ten performances, and, Weird, wonderful Charlie Askew and Justin Bieberish Elijah Liu electrify 'American Idol')

Curtis Finch up first, he'll be through easily. Nicki Minaj says, "you know damn well you're going through," and he does.

Jimmy Smith next, he'll be cut, and is. Kevin Harris after him, he'll be cut as well and is. Elijah Liu follows him, he'll easily be through to the semis and does indeed makes it. 

JDA up; I'd put him through, but not sure if the judges will based on the fact he's up so soon. He gets cut, which is really too bad. 

Paul Jolley steps forward, he'll be cut; the four judges split two and two, so Jimmy Iovine has to break the tie. Shocked two judges want to keep him; and Iovine keeps him on too, which I think is weird.

Chris Watson is predictably cut, Charlie Askew of course moves on, and then we're down to Devin Velez and Johnny Keyser for the last spot. I think Velez will move on pretty easily, and he does.

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