Of course it was bound to happen: Clint Eastwood stars in the most-talked-about commercial of the entire Super Bowl XLVI, and the parodies would -- and must -- follow.

Thanks to the Hollywood Reporter  for digging up the second ad (from "Second City"). I located the first; it's from Reason TV, and I think the better of the two. You be the judge.

This is all part of the conservative backlash, I guess, with some people arguing that the Chrysler ad was basically a plug for President Obama's bailout of Detroit, or a plug for his second term. (Me? I think that's a stretch: Eastwood was friend of President Reagan's, and he starred with Nancy Reagan in a just-say-no ad back in the '80s; and as Richard Schickel persuasively and exhaustively argues and documents in his bio of Eastwood, the actor has never particularly embraced any political ideology. In fact, he's probably closer to Ron Paul than anyone out there right now.)

 As I locate more parodies, I will post, so check back.

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