Colton Dixon, who had dinner with Chris Daughtry this week, said Daughtry advised him to "be yourself and pick songs people know" -- he said he'd do just that that next week; this week he's singing White Lion's "Broken Heart" next on "American Idol."

It's an obscure song, but fits him like a glove; wails out the opening lines, performs it like he wrote it. He's an authentic artist; knows his niche and does it well. Not really melodic and won't get your toe tapping, but a good performance.

Jennifer Lopez says, "I thought you delivered that well -- as I was watching it, I thought, 'Colton's a lover.'"  Explains that means people can relate to him and he's genuine; says something about how he "looks pretty" when he sings.

"Wrong song for your voice and your passion," says Steven Tyler bluntly, didn't think the song went anywhere.

Randy Jackson said the song didn't matter to him, liked the look and the performance; "I like this guy."

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