5. Cote de Pablo: No one leaves TV's most-watched drama...

5. Cote de Pablo: No one leaves TV's most-watched drama for no apparent reason -- do they? But she did (she played Ziva David on "NCIS"). Her replacement, Emily Wickersham, has fascinating shoes to fill. Credit: AP

Cote de Pablo, who mystified/astounded the TV world when she walked away from the most viewed drama series on TV, "NCIS," will return to the network she spurned next year, in a four-hour adaptation of Alice Hoffman's "The Dovekeeper." 

 The return -- just as a sidenote -- does appear to indicate no hard feelings on CBS's part, although why she left in the first place remains one of those odd little mysteries that seemed to have nothing to do with the usual suspect, money. Even CBS said it wanted her to stay as Ziva David, a popular character on the hit...so the assumption has been ever since that the decision was hers. But who knows. The real story remains untold. 

 No matter -- show biz goes on, and so does de Pablo...In this mini from Roma Downey and her husband Mark Burnett, based on Hoffman's account of the seige of Masada, she'll play -- per the network -- "Shirah, one of the four women, who is a sensual, mysterious and fiercely independent single mother with uncanny insights and a quiet and mysterious power. She is derided by many as the “Witch of Moab,” as she covertly practices forbidden ancient rites of magic and is keenly knowledgeable about herbal remedies. However, those in need don’t hesitate to approach her for her help and generosity of spirit." 

 Arrival date: 2015.

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