Colton Dixon was in his element, and kept true to...

Colton Dixon was in his element, and kept true to his style, singing Billy Joel's "Piano Man" on Wednesday night's "American Idol." (March 21, 2012) Credit: Fox

Colton Dixon singing Billy Joel's "Piano Man" to close "American Idol," could be something special.

"This song is tailor-made for him," says mentor Jimmy Iovine, with guest mentor Diddy saying, "I actually wanted to buy that song when he finished it."

He's slowed it down, taking his time with the lyrics. His tone is pitch-perfect, complete with the crack in his voice. Such a great song; and he's making us believe as he sings it. Just different enough so it doesn't sound like karaoke, but it doesn't lose anything.

And then he hits the chorus and swells; this is really good, one of the most memorable things we've heard this season.

"You sing with pure feeling," says Jennifer Lopez. "Great job." Steven Tyler calls him "a great musician and a great singer."

Randy Jackson loved it all, tells him to "stay individual."

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