Contestants Julie Zorilla and Tim Halperin perform the Beatles' "Something"...

Contestants Julie Zorilla and Tim Halperin perform the Beatles' "Something" on "American Idol," airing Feb. 23, 2011. Credit: Fox

"American Idol" is about done with the first part of its cuts from 40 to the top 24.  Chris Medina is up next to learn his fate.

They've featured him and his wheelchair-bound fiancee's story a lot so I think he moves on. Oddly though they do an extended clip from his solo song. Hmmm....  

And now they're talking like he's going to get cut, actually. Jennifer Lopez is getting emotional. "At the end of the day this is about singing," she says, and they do cut him.

It's pretty tough, but businesslike. It's an interesting judging panel this year. First time tonight I've wondered how Simon would've handled this.

J.Lo is totally sobbing afterward. The background music is slow and sad. It feels half real, half fake. She's torn up that she didn't tell him the right way, "you did, perfect words" says Steven Tyler.

Wait, did Chris get cut, or Jennifer? Man, they're still on her. It's like the five-minute 'see how real of a person J.Lo is' production.

"I don't wanna do this anymore," she sobs.

Ummmm... I hate to tell you, but cutting to 24 is the easy part; wait until the finals!

Here's how I rated the people who moved on tonight. Put your thoughts in the comments, below.

1) Gentle Paul McDonald is one of the dark horses to win it all. He just has a great vibe and a distinctive voice.

2) Powerhouse Ashton Jones has the look, attitude and voice to do well. Like J.Lo, I can't wait to see her perform.

3) Clint Jun Gamboa may play the role of villain this year for the Jacee incident, but he can sing, though.

4) Naima Adedapo may be too different for this show; but as J.Lo said. "She deserves a shot . . . and now it's up to America."

5) Brassy Haley Reinhart is just OK for me.

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