Elise Testone singing Queen's "I Want It All" on "American Idol." This should be her night. She's a rocker at heart.

Seems really comfortable out there; it's a good song choice, fits her tone well and she's believable doing it. One problem is that everyone is expecting her to hit it out of the park tonight, like she did with Led Zeppelin. It's not happening though. A good -- not great -- performance.

"You found your stride," says Steven Tyler. "That was you in your element," chimes in Jennifer Lopez.

"Wow, what a night so far," say Randy Jackson. "That was unbelievable as well."

Seriously, he's said that after each of tonight's four performers.

None of them have been unbelievable. I think it's a mediocre night so far, not sure why the judges refuse to judge and persist with the happy talk.

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