Elise Testone up next on "American Idol's" finals, wanted to sing Whitney Houston's "Greatest Love of All," but after guest mentor Mary J. Blige and Jimmy Iovine work with her they steer her toward "I'm Your Baby Tonight."

She's not bad; nice drive to it. Another song I'm not crazy about, but she has an interesting tone to her voice that's coming out. If you're already a fan of Testone's you'll like it, but not like she's making any mass converts Wednesday night.

Jennifer Lopez says "you have an amazing voice, but I don't think you did your best." Steven Tyler agrees, calls it good but nothing special. Randy Jackson says it was like "you were boxing with the song, and you don't have to prove on every note that you have that big voice."

"It's just like, that one wasn't good."

She admits afterward to Ryan Seacrest that she didn't really know the song, but then says, "there's no excuse, you've got to find a way to make it your own, no matter how much time you have."

Deep-voiced Jermaine Jones follows, singing Stevie Wonder's "Knocks Me Off My Feet." Blige calls it "perfect for his voice," Iovine loves him too. He's really trying to shape the notes and the song; wanna love it, but don't, it's not flowing.

Winds up being just an average performance for me, won't remember it by the end of the night. Not sure what was missing; maybe nerves got in the way.

"That song fits you like an Armani suit," says Steven Tyler. Jennifer Lopez calls him a "sweetheart," wants him to connect more with the song. That's exactly right; she tells him to "relax, really sing to somebody -- sing to me!"

Randy Jackson didn't love the chorus, also tells him to relax; says his register is different enough, don't worry so much about standing out.

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