Elise Testone is singing Lady Gaga's "You and I" next on "American Idol." She wanted to start off playing the drums, to "make something happen." Guest mentor Akon shoots back, "what needs to happen is you need to kill it!"

So she ditches the drums, starts off instead at the piano. This is a fantastic song choice for her, highlights her gritty tone; plus it's just a good song, she's having a fun time performing it. It's not magical but highly enjoyable. Definitely this year's Haley Reinhart, she lurks around and grows on you week after week.

"Elise is back!" declares Randy Jackson. "That was the perfect song for you... you needed a moment, I think you got one tonight."

"You let go, but you kept control," says Jennifer Lopez. "There's nobody who can sing like you."

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