54. "The Cosby Show": Reverses nonsense stigma (as reflected in...

54. "The Cosby Show": Reverses nonsense stigma (as reflected in press at the time) that the Sitcom is Dead; lead NBC to overwhelming dominance; got Bill Cosby control of the entire Thursday night lineup, 10 p.m. excepted. Credit: Handout

Lower-priced re-releases from Mill Creek:

STARSKY & HUTCH Out Tuesday: Season 1 of '70s copfest with screeching tires and buddy banter (David Soul, Paul Michael Glaser), minus 2004 set's interviews, featurettes (and now 6 episodes per disc, stacked together around hub); $10.

THE COSBY SHOW Now uncut: First-season episodes of '80s hit are restored to network length (adds 2-3 minutes each), but gone are booklet and retrospective extras from initial 2005 release; Season 1 or Season 2 for $10 each, Seasons 1-2 box is $15.

THE ELLEN SHOW Ellen DeGeneres' 2001 CBS sitcom with Cloris Leachman, Jim Gaffigan, Martin Mull; $10.

THE TICK Patrick Warburton's blue period: 2002 Fox hero-com remains delirious, but no widescreen, previous extras gone; $10.

TV DVDs on the way:

April 1: "Action" (Jay Mohr; uncensored)

April 8: "The Bobby Darin Show" (1973)

May 27: "The Bob Newhart Show" complete series ('70s)

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