Salli Richardson-Whitfield as Allison Blake, Colin Ferguson as Sheriff Jack...

Salli Richardson-Whitfield as Allison Blake, Colin Ferguson as Sheriff Jack Carter in "Eureka." Credit: Syfy


WHEN | WHERE Tonight at 9 on Syfy

REASON TO WATCH Jump right in -- the plotting's fine!

WHAT IT'S ABOUT Even newbies can plunge into the final season of TV's most relatably down-to-earth sci-fi fave. Longtime fans already know how lighthearted this town-of-geniuses tale can be, and how smartly the story reinvents itself with reboots and alternate/tripping time lines.

Both take place for season 5, the series' final 13 episodes. Many of Eureka's geeks were on the space mission (season 4.5 reboot) for town-running research group Global Dynamics, whose interplanetary ship simply vanished. Now, it reappears -- four years on for Colin Ferguson's everyday-guy sheriff and townsfolk, but just a few minutes later for the spacegoers (time trip!).

Thus are relationships turned upside down for loyal fans, character traits fleetly revealed for new viewers, action scenes unreeled, and a frightening new story foundation constructed by hour's end.

Yes, even the season-opener has a cliffhanger -- and it's a doozy.

MY SAY Watch this, and you'll be tuning in next week. Sure, there's heart-pounding action/hacking. But there's also heart-ripping emotion when the interpersonal expectations of every character get upended. (Even SARAH, the smart house!) The actors absolutely nail some of their toughest performance challenges.

And the tale-changing episode climax? Didn't see that coming.

BOTTOM LINE More savvy "eureka!" twists.


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