Karl Urban, left, as John Kennex and Michael Ealy as...

Karl Urban, left, as John Kennex and Michael Ealy as Dorian partner to fight crime in the year 2048 in the new Fox drama, "Almost Human," premiering this fall. Credit: AP

"Almost Human,"  Fox's "Blade Runner"-ish sci-fi from J.J. Abrams' Good Robot (how appropriate) -- will launch as a two-nighter in mid-November. It was originally slated to go early next month, but Fox clearly got the idea that this needed a rocket fuel booster, and should get one in the wake of an NFL doubleheader on Nov. 17. The second episode will air the following night, at 8.

Yes, Fox has done this before. I do believe it was a fairly common practice during the heyday of "24," when the first hour of the season would open post-football, and the second hour on Monday, where it would remain for the next 22.

Clearly Fox thinks this will appeal to males — obviously — and maybe to some of the crowd that so dearly misses "24." It's a good bet. I have seen the first episode, and it's good — certainly one of my favorite new hours this season, which (you are correct) isn't saying a whole of a lot, considering the blandness of some the new crop. (Not including "Sleepy Hollow,"  "Hostages," or "The Blacklist," by the way.)  

Produced by J.H. Wyman, who also produced one of the standout series of the last decade -- "Fringe" -- think of "Almost Human" as not just "Blade Runner," but "Runner-Meets-"Beverly Hills Cop," with Karl Urban as the human cop and Michael Ealy as his replicant partner (they are not called "replicants," by the way, but they are robots.).

Urban, who is always solid, is not even remotely drawing on his two better known characters of recent vintage — Bones, from "Star Trek," or Eomer from "Lord of the Rings." He's a somewhat embittered cop with a backstory.

Quick clip .?.?. And Newsday app readers please go to Newsday.com/TVzone if you want to see what a replicant turns into after it tumbles out of a moving car door.)

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