Contestant Gabi Carrubba was a favorite of the "American Idol"...

Contestant Gabi Carrubba was a favorite of the "American Idol" judges. Carrubba picked Maroon 5's "Sunday Morning" for her audition which aired Jan. 18, 2012. Credit: Fox

Gabi Carrubba is up next on "American Idol" and she's shaking with nerves. She says, she's also a "champion tap dancer." Singing "Sunday Morning," her voice is controlled, sweet and shows some sophistication. 

"So wonderful," says Steven Tyler, as Randy Jackson praises her "nice tone." Keep an eye on her. There's something special there.

"Natural voice, so simple for her," says Jennifer Lopez., comparing her effortless voice to Luther Vandross.

Brianna Faulk gets a snippet, as does Neco Starr -- good voices from the few seconds we hear. Molly Hunt has a husky thing going, Elise Testone is a bit more of a rocker ("spitfire" according to Lopez). All are through, as the judges praise the level of talent in Savannah.

Jessice Whitley is next. So far everyone who's auditioned has gotten through Ryan Seacrest tells us. Singing "In this Song," she has kind of an odd, almost too forceful tone. It's a bit like Kermit the Frog trying to go big or something. 

"Awful," says Randy, "I don't know if I'd even call that singing." They all criticize her, she politely says, "See you in Texas." After she leaves the judges start to groan. They don't want to see her again.

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