On the eve of his Fox News exit, this: Glenn Beck today (Tuesday) described on his radio show how he was pestered by the crowd at the Bryant Park Summer Film Festival last night; crowd heckled him; he says someone "kicked" wine on the back of his wife (but it must've been cheap wine because New Yorkers don't part with their wine so frivolously); and he describes how some bore yelled "we don't like liberals here," etc.

Meanwhile, there is at least one account that says he exaggerated the whole thing, and that his two-man security detail caused a problem with the crowd. This person in fact says the wine spilling incident was completely an accident - albeit "a happy one." Hmmm.   

Oddly enough, they - Beck and family - were there to see "The 39 Steps;" hardly a movie that would be a magnet for a crowd of rowdy, difficult, Beck-hating people, one would imagine. Here's the clip, and I've looked for Youtube clips that people might have posted - but nada. Meanwhile...Beck will leave his Fox News program by week's end.

Seriously. It's over very soon. More on this tomorrow.


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