Deep-voiced Scotty McCreery is up next on "American Idol." Every time I hear him I just smile. He's got such an interesting, relaxed voice. And pretty likable, too. They talk again about Jacee Badeaux. He says simply, "I wasn't the man I should've been. I didn't step up."

Randy Jackson tells him they love his authenticy and send him on into the top 24. Jennifer Lopez sums it up after he leaves. "There's good people in this world who make mistakes and then go back and do the right thing -- he's a good boy."

John Wayne Schulz, who we all liked out of Texas, gets cut though. "That's a good dude right there," says Randy.

Jovany Barreto, who took off his shirt during auditions and has kind of disappeared, is up next. He'll make it, I think. They give him the only-24-spots speech. He makes it, of course.



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