"American Idol" is cutting to its top six Thursday and Joshua Ledet and Hollie Cavanagh are in the running for the bottom three.

Ugh. I'm hoping Cavanagh, who I like, is in the bottom three because I like Ledet better. But I think she'll be safe and he'll be in jeopardy.

After 53 million votes were cast, according to Ryan Seacrest -- Ledet is safe! So Cavanagh, despite her strongest performance of the season last night, is in the bottom three.

Then Kris Allen, a nice guy but not someone who should've won season eight over Adam Lambert, is back on the show, singing "Vision of Love."

He's good - sincere and in strong vocal form. He doesn't own the stage at all though and still seems like a kid up there and not a star.

Not much different than many of this season's contestants.

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